Saturday, April 23, 2011

Yeah!!!  There are peeks of sunshine, and it's in the upper 50's!

I planted the two heucherella and the Misty Lace aruncus.  I added some mulch to a bed.  Then I just wandered around with my camera.  Here are some things I found in the garden today:

Lilac in bud:
 Our cat, Gwen.
 Our daughter, Emma.
 My husband, Rob, taking care of the bees.
 Flowering quince, in bud.
 Bleeding heart with buds.
 Korean Spice viburnum, in bud.


  1. I have always wanted a quince! I would force the branches inside, in warm water! Blooms inside make it feel warmer!

  2. I just looked at your wanted list and I have two hybrid columbines, the winky and the rocky Mountain blue and white! These are not in the garden, but in my garden center...
    Let me know if you wanna swap--whatcha got??!

  3. I was glad, too, that Easter weekend turned out to be nicer than expected. I am waiting for this rain to stop so I can get something done in the garden! Looks like everything is waking up in yours.

  4. Sissy, that is a wonderful offer, but I'm not sure what I'd have that you want?