Monday, April 11, 2011

I just sprayed Liquid Fence all over the place --yesterday was in the low 80's, and everything that was already up grew inches (daffodils grew buds and bloomed!  I swear!), and tons of new green tips are showing as well.  I want the bunnies to eat only the weeds :-)

It's amazing how temps in the 80's make flannel and fleece seem like an abomination!  Thank goodness we're back in the 50's today.


  1. Sunday's temps in the 80's certainly woke up my garden, too. But I'm happy it didn't stick around--the tulips and daffs like it a bit cooler, and I want to enjoy spring for awhile, not jump into summer.

  2. Its been pleasant at work, with the nice weather, but I think I will be paying for it this weekend.!