Friday, April 15, 2011

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day

I am new to this garden blogging stuff, so I did not realize that today was GBBD.   I have really enjoyed all the photos posted today in the garden blogs I've been following --it is helping to keep my mind off the 40 degree temps, 40 mph winds, and rain that is happening outside. 

Today does NOT feel the least bit like spring --mostly because of those winds.  Living on the prairie is something I may never get used to, after growing up with the protection of the Great Lakes all around me.

A box of daylilies arrived today.  I can't even imagine going outside to plant them.


  1. Welcome to your first GBBD! Next month you'll be prepared--after seeing the forecast for today, I took all my photos over the last two days. With the wind blasting across my garden, I wouldn't have gotten anything but blurry photos and drenched hair:)

  2. Not everyone particpates, I remember when there were only 10 of us or so, back when I first started blogging. I don't participate any more, it's gotten too big to look at everyone's! I have to get back out in it, today! Can't wait to see the daylily varieties!

  3. I can see how participating every month might be difficult --and I'd have a lot of trouble posting pictures of blooms in January!