Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Warm Day

While it was cloudy, damp, and chilly this morning, once the sun came out it did warm up into the 60's.  Emma helped me to clean up a daylilly bed that had suffered from our two-year stint with a beagle named Rosie.  She chose to lie in the center of the bed, to soak in the sun.  The daylilies thinned out and last year the dandelions took over. While I love dandelions in the lawn, I don't care for them in the flower beds.

The heather that my mom sent me a few years ago as a birthday present is looking pretty in pink, edged with some glory-of-the-snow.  I wanted to get a picture to show her, and in the process of kneeling down and holding the camera steady, I ended up with embedded mulch in both calves.  But the pictures turned out nicely.
Glory of the Snow, with heather in the background.
A closer shot of the heather.


  1. OMG! I don't have anything like this up in my yard. I am SOOOO jealous!

  2. The blue glory-of-the-snow are some of the bulbs I sent you, but bulbs always seem to be slow to emerge the first year. Hopefully no one ate them underground!