Spring 2016

Strawberry Candy daylily clump divided: plants added to the northern bed, near the birdfeeder, the corner garden off the mudroom porch, and in front of the Scapewell window well.

Pink single peony moved from the back birch bed into the north bed, near the northwest corner of the porch.

Moved both clematis to the raised bed on the west side.

Moved the blue alium to the raised bed on the southwest corner.

Spring 2012

Amsonia (Blue Star)
The southeast corner garden. This is supposed to become quite a large plant, with a taproot. I hope this is a good spot for it, so I won't have to move it!

The southeast corner garden.

Geranium (Blue)
The southeast corner garden.

Lady Bells
The northern part of the eastern bed.

The northern part of the eastern bed.

Three daylilies in the west bed, behind and beside the peony.

Fall 2011

Bearded Iris
Both iris went into the west garden.
This one is called Alaskan Seas.

And this one is called Ziggy:

The following are all bulbs. Some (with dates) are heirloom bulbs, that came from a place in my hometown (Ann Arbor, MI) called Old House Gardens.

Into Emma's garden:
Tulip: 3 bulbs, Philippe De Comines, 1891 (Dark red)
Daffodil: 3 bulbs, Mrs. Backhouse, 1921 (pink?)

On the east side of the north porch steps:
Daffodil: Coral Crown (5 bulbs, in two clumps)
Daffodil: Fortissimo (5 bulbs in one clump)

Into the southwest corner bed, by the birdbath:
Tulip: 5 bulbs, Generaal De Wet, 1904 (Orange)
Crocus: 5 bulbs, Vanguard, 1934 (white outside, purple inside)
Allium: Purple-Headed Garlic, 1766 (drumsticks)

Into the garden by the privacy fence:
Three lilies: White Martagon (1601), Martagon Lily (1568), and Citronella (1958)

On the northeast side of the birdbath by the picnic table:
Daffodil: 5 bulbs, Rip Van Winkle (1884)
Crocus: 12 bulbs, Pickwick
Allium: 20 bulbs, Caeruleum

Plants divided:
Red Asian lilies: I planted two bulbs on the eastern edge of the birch tree bed, and one bulb in front of the cream Oriental lilies.

Autumn Joy Sedum: I took two pieces from near the swing bench and planted them on the north side of the purple asters, in the birch tree bed.

Plants transplanted:
I moved my original hosta into the northern shade garden in front of the office.

A perennial with dark green leaves that is supposed to have some yellow flowers (my friend Lisa gave it to me last year, and I've forgotten its name). It was in too much shade, so I moved it forward in the same bed (east side of house), where it will get more sun.