Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Warmest Day Yet

It's super warm today!  If this were July, I'd be posting about how cold it is, but 56 degrees in March is so wonderful.  I was out in short sleeves!

The yellow crocus continue to open up, and some tulips in my warmest bed are poking their heads up out of the soil.  Wandering through the gardens I'm struck by how much clean up I have to do.  I always leave the seed heads up over winter for the birds, but now I have lots that need to be cut back.  The asters and goldenrod are lying on the ground, and the cone flowers and shasta daisies all need to be trimmed.  Plus all the daylily stems sticking up!  I've a feeling my back is going to be protesting the amount of bending required.

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