Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Goodbye Maple

We have (had?) a large Norway Maple in the paddock.  Last summer, we had the major interior branches taken off, after they died.  A week ago, a large part of the rest of it fell on the paddock fence, taking out our cable wire in the process.  Today the tree guys are taking the whole thing down.  It's a big tree --they started around 9:30 a.m. and they're still at it after 11 a.m.  It's been having babies for many years --there are tons of maple saplings waiting to take it's place.


  1. Hey, thanks for visiting and commenting! I am in Ogle County, my daughter plays with several girls from Rockton, or is it Roscoe?? on her vball team!
    It is so sad to hear about your tree! I have zero mature trees in my possession and I would love to have some!

  2. I'm enjoying your blog --I like reading other's garden adventures in the same climate. :-)

  3. So do I! I refuse to read Florida gardening blogs. It only makes me more depressed in the winter!