Saturday, March 19, 2011


I found a volunteer today --a dwarf iris that I certainly didn't plant.  It's quite pretty.

It's another nice day, and I got quite a bit of the birch garden cleaned up, and even managed to add some mulch to bare spots.  It's always hard to do that after the plants really start growing, and we usually don't have mulch during spring cleaning, but this year we have a huge pile we never finished using last year.  Very handy, even if Rob doesn't think it looks very good :-)

I've uncovered purple crocus in the birch garden, and in the garden along the east side of the house.  I also found the earliest glory-of-the-snow, and uncovered it so I could spray it with Liquid Fence.  Last year the bunnies found it before I did, but I'm on top of it this spring!

I put the hammocks up too, and enjoyed a nice swing.  Rob is having a music meet, so he's downstairs, but Emma has Kirsten over and the two of them are now enjoying the hammocks.

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