Friday, March 18, 2011

I just scrolled through last year's March and April posts --wow, it was warm --in the 80's on the first day of April!  I think we're a little behind last year, and I do hope our spring isn't quite as warm as last years.  The spring flowers went fast and the summer flowers all bloomed early.  It did seem to confuse the japanese beetles, though.  Their population was much lower last summer than the summer before.

Today it got up to 50 by late afternoon.  More of the yellow crocus are showing up, and this afternoon I noticed that a few of the white crocus along the walkway to the driveway were up and blooming.  They weren't even showing tips yesterday, so that was fast!  I haven't moved leaves around to look for the bleeding heart tips --I'm afraid it will get cold again in the next couple of weeks, and I don't want to move their protection yet.

I have found a place that really needs some crocus, glory of the snow, and maybe daffodils.  When I stand at the kitchen sink, I look out toward the west.  Last year we added a raised bed there for veggies/fruits, and there is a nice strip of mulch along side it that seems very naked of green tips.  I'll have to remember that this fall when I'm ordering bulbs.

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