Saturday, May 28, 2011


I got my last two tomatoes in today.  Emma and I went into town to visit a bead store, and stopped at a greenhouse on the way back.  I was looking for Sun Gold cherry tomatoes; I didn't find them, but I did find another sweet yellow cherry tomato --hopefully it will be just as good.  We also bought a full size yellow that she picked out.  We already had two Early Girl plants in the ground, and we're just doing four this year.  I've decided that I will only do as many tomato plants as I have tomato trellises, and I now have four of these.  It's the only trellis I've found that holds up to the weight of the tomatoes and the incredible prairie winds.  They're expensive, so I buy one a year :-)

I have a basil plant in the ground now too, and it's getting all brown from the cold nights we've had.  I've put a little plastic bell over it, to try to keep it a bit warmer.  This spring is so the opposite of the one we had last year. Weather is funny.

Our carrots are sooooooo slow! I'm thinking we might be able to harvest some baby carrots by August.


  1. Oh, boy...I hope your basil plant makes it. Brown=death for basil, I am afraid. I wonder if you got the Sunsugar variety?? So GOOD!!! the sunsugar tomato! I have a dear friend that is a professor @ one of the community colleges in R'ford. She says the staff is really old, so I wonder if it's not a diff one than you teach at. We also like the outdoor theatre at the one. It seems professional, the performances are so good!

  2. Did you consider planting basil in a pot?

    I have several of the herbs I use when cooking in pots near the kitchen so I have quick access when I need them.

    The basil that I have planted in a ceramic pot has managed to thrive despite the weather and the puppy's insistence on digging into the soil.

    Looking forward to making some sauce with the basil when it gets a bit more mature.