Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cultivating a Weed

Last fall, I found a cluster of basal leaves near the yellow foxglove but in the walking path, and carefully transferred it, and watered it through our dry fall.  It came back beautifully, growing in the back of my shade garden.  I took a look at it today, and here is what I found:
That is definitely not a foxglove, so I figure I've been carefully cultivating a weed.  Anyone have any idea what kind of weed this is?  I haven't ripped it out yet --I figure I'll give it time to bloom.  It doesn't look like any of the other weeds we have growing around our property.

The purple iris are blooming --they look a bit washed out in the strong sunlight of this picture.  I have an orange iris (Cinderella's Carriage) planted in front of them, that should bloom soon.  The two look great together.


  1. Renee,
    do a google image search for Star of Bethlehem. I think that's what you have!

  2. That's pretty. Mine still hasn't opened the buds, so I can't tell what the flowers look like yet. If that is it, I wonder how it would have ended up in our garden?