Friday, May 27, 2011

After visiting with a gardening friend yesterday, I came home with a Jack Frost brunnera and hollyhock seeds. 

We've got a shady bed outside Rob's office window that contains ferns, perennial foxglove, and a Korean spice viburnum.  Next to that, we had two weigela planted.  It wasn't our idea --we had a friend (with a landscape architecture degree) help us with landscaping that area, and I'm not sure what she was thinking.  Weigela need sun, so these two tiny shrubs have been sitting there for three years now, never growing.  Since I plan to expand the current shady bed into this area, I had asked Rob if he'd dig up the weigela.  He hasn't had a chance yet, so while I was planting the brunnera in that area, I decided to see how well rooted they were.  I grabbed a branch and pulled.  The whole thing came up with a tiny root.  Same thing with the second one.  I've dug three-year old shrubs before, and it's pretty obvious these things had not grown any new roots since they were planted.  Made it easy to get rid of them.  :-)


  1. Aw....the brunnera will do much better, I am sure. It's the right plant in the right place, as they say!

  2. The strange weed is Wild Yam or Dioscorea villea, an herbal vine with medicinal qualities. Mom