Monday, May 30, 2011

A hot day!

I mowed, and mowed, and mowed today.  It looks nice, though.

Here is black raspberries, getting ready to make some fruit.  They line the edge of the property, and we always get a good harvest.

This bed has a lot of iris, because it's one of the plants that will thrive with the black walnut trees so close.

A close-up of an iris I was given last summer by a friend.

We leave a couple of patches of pussyfoot to bloom in the grass for various bees and native pollinators.  We mow it down before it goes to seed. It's very cheerful looking.


  1. Hi Renee,
    I saw your comment on Prairie Rose's blog about loving nigella. I do, too, but mine are always wimpy, and only a few come up each spring. I plant more from the seedheads I save, but I'm not sure which are actually coming up. Maybe I should let more ripen on the plants. You have a nice looking place. That iris is pretty, and I like the stand of pussyfoot. I'm not familiar with those.

    I have iris and a few other flowers under a walnut tree across the street where I have a vegetable garden. In an effort to rotate tomato plants, I put some pretty close to the tree. They are growing so far. I also have some raspberry plants over there, which are across the garden from the walnut tree. I just planted them last spring. I hope we get some before the birds do.

  2. Hi Sue --thanks for stopping by. Those walnut trees were a real problem when we first moved out here and I didn't know about the toxin they release. I thought I had a really black thumb! Now I just plant things there and see if they'll work. Some plants that are normally invasive are kept pretty well in check out there. Good luck with your tomatoes!