Saturday, June 25, 2016

Late June Blooms

For the garden, it's been a great June. Just enough rain so I don't have to water. Enough sunshine to dry things out in between.
I stuck an extra tomato plant into this sunny pot. I think I'm going to regret this :-)

Perennial foxglove in the shade garden.
I have these two astilbe growing right next to each other, but they are such different sizes! I obviously wasn't paying attention to height when I ordered them.
I moved the remaining bee balm last fall from a garden I've abandoned, and they are doing nicely in their new spot.
One of the containers in the shade on the back patio.

I'm loving this bed --it has tomatoes, basil, cilantro, marigolds, a small leaved/flowered clematis, and then a corn and pea plant that Emma started in her biology class in cotton balls in the fingers of a latex glove :-) The corn is astonishingly big, and pea plant is climbing the tomato trellis and has flowers. We might get some peas!
I also finally got an ID on a vine that grows behind a bed of species-daylilies. I've posted about it before:
Turns out it's called "smooth carrionflower". I don't know why it's called that, but it was nice to get an ID. Now when I pull it, I know what I'm pulling :-)


  1. All the flowers look beautiful! It's hard to imagine regretting a tomato plant. And carrionflower seems like a good name for a weed.

  2. We can only hope that carrionflower does not smell like carrion!

  3. Such pretty astilbe! I love its flowers, but I have trouble getting it to do well here. Probably because it's in dry shade and I forget to water it:) Carrionflower must be the only weed I don't have here!

  4. I have the same yellow Foxglove but it does not do well for me. It kind of languishes and then fades away. Yours look very happy, like they are making a nice clump.

  5. You have a number of beautiful flowers I have had limited to no success with. Foxglove? You can actually grow a *perennial* foxglove? I love how cottage garden-y foxglove looks, but I can never get it to come back! And what is with your astilbe?! Mine is supposed to look like yours, but it's blooms are never anything but a sickly-looking yellowish-white. I'm torn between admiration and envy of your green thumb.

    1. I have only recently had luck with astilbe. I think it's because Rob built a drywell right off the porch, for the rain gutter to drain into. It traps the water and the allows it to seep out into the soil --that's where I have the astilbe planted (plus it's mostly shade). This perennial foxglove only comes in yellow, and it's a bit shorter than the others I've seen. I got it from a friend. I've tried planting the other kind and I have the same issue: it never returns from seed.