Sunday, August 15, 2010

The end of summer

This has been a very wet summer, which is unfortunate because now the mosquitoes are so bad that you really can't go outside unless you are covered in Deet or in the middle of the pool. At least it's been hot enough to make use of the pool!

The flowers are pretty much done --the brown-eyed Susan is still blooming, and the purple aster and goldenrod will probably start blooming in a couple of weeks, but that's it for flowers. My blue thistle flower bloomed, but I've hardly seen it because it's behind the flowering quince and I can't spend any time outside. (Well, I've spent lots of time outside, actually, but I'm either in the pool or on the riding mower.)

The cicadas have been amazing this year as well --there is a constant noise, rather than just one every few minutes. It gets annoying after awhile!

It's been really hot and humid the last couple of weeks (typical August) and it's supposed to cool down to around 80 this week, with a bit less humidity. If I can cover myself in Deet, I might be able to do a little garden clean-up.