Sunday, May 29, 2016

Some flowers . . . and a dragon

We've had a really nice spring for the garden --plenty of rain, and a long stretch of cool temperatures. It's gotten hot and humid now, but everything seems to be blooming right on schedule.

I had one poppy bloom in the back garden. I'll be transplanting it as soon as the flower finishes.
Also in the back, the purple and white iris are finishing up, and the orange iris are beginning.
The peony that I didn't move is also beginning to bloom back here. (The one I did move is doing well, and still has it's one bud.)
One more plant in the back garden is blooming, but it's been hit hard by the pounding rains we've had over the last two days, so it's splayed out in a starburst --the chives.

My bluestar amsonia is just beginning to open its buds.
And an iris along the side of the house is also blooming.
The black locust trees are also blooming right now --we have quite a few on the property, and the scent is heavenly. The flowers are very similar to wisteria (which is not hardy in our cold winters). I love these trees, even though they can be invasive. Although, I don't know if you can use the term "invasive" since they are native to North America. They're just very prolific.
I've also added a bit more garden art (inspired in part by a post by Casa Mariposa). I picked this piece out for Rob, who loves dragons.
So far, I haven't seen him breathing any fire, but maybe later in the summer :-)


  1. Your flowers are beautiful! And you have such a variety.

    I love, love, love that garden art. Where did you find it?

  2. I found that on a website called "Wind & Weather". They have a lot of garden art. The dragon is actually bigger than I though it would be, but it works really well.

  3. I LOVE the dragon. Why does he look so at home next to the hosta? He was made for that bed.

    That purple and white iris is beautiful; I've never seen one like that. I've never been able to grow poppies, even though they grow wild around here along the trails I frequent. Perhaps I have too much shade?

  4. I love those purple and white irises! They're very similar to some I had at our old house, and to some Beth of Plant Postings gave me a couple of years ago. She said they will multiply quickly, so I'm hopeful. Love the dragon!

  5. Love the dragon! Since I visited Tammy's garden I keep thinking about getting some nice birdhouses and other garden art, but I never do it. I need to make some time to look at things on Etsy. Your Irises are wonderful, and thanks for showing the picture of the black locust flowers - I hand never noticed them before.