Friday, March 16, 2012

March Bloom Day

The garden has burst forth, this past week. I keep hoping that the weather will stay on the warm side, so I won't have to run around throwing sheets over some of the perennials that are starting to green up. In the past, it wasn't unusual to have extremely cold March nights.

The deep yellow crocus are already gone, as are the small white crocus. They lasted about two days. I have some dark purple crocus that are opened, and then I have this striped purple that I really love, although I don't remember a name.

I also like this one from the side: the bottom of the flower is a deep purple, and the stripes are evident as well.

Last fall I planted a new light purple crocus (Vanguard, 1934) that is doing very well.

And our honey bees seem to be enjoying it too.

One patch of "glory of the snow" has also opened.

I have a bunch of daffodils with green and buds, but one patch of early flowers are blooming away.

The scilla in our woods have sprung up and opened, something that usually doesn't happen for weeks yet.

Last year I planted a clematis, and since I haven't had much luck with them, I am overjoyed to see new growth on this one.

And our pussy willow is managing to survive through the various rabbit damage it experiences each year.
All in all, this is a pretty amazing March Bloom Day --I bet it will be years before we have another one with this much growing!

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