Friday, March 23, 2012

Crazy March Explosion of Bloom

It is just amazing how many things are blooming this March! I wonder what the rest of the season will be like? We have cooled down a bit today, and I think we're supposed to stay cooler (but still above normal) for a few days. I'm crossing my fingers :-)  The daffodils are almost gone, and the hyacinth are in full bloom. I wonder how long it will be before the bearded iris begins to bloom?

Last year a friend gave me two tiny Virginia bluebell starts, and they've both become small clumps with buds this spring! Once the clumps are a bit larger, I want to transplant some to the woods behind the garden bench, where we already have scilla.

The heather is still blooming away, and the glory of the snow that I planted next to the heather is now coming up through the edges of the growing shrub. I really like the blue and pink together, although the blue is kind of washed out in this photo.

The flowering quince is gorgeous this year! The same friend who gave me the bluebells, gave me this shrub as a stick she'd dug up where her neighbor's quince was spreading into her yard. That was about 5 or 6 years ago. We had this same color quince at the house I grew up in, so I have a nostalgic attachment to it. This is a cool shrub because you can prune it just by cutting off the ends of the branches without hurting the blossoming.

Our young red bed tree is also doing really well. We tried to establish red bud trees several times, and this is the first time we been successful.

I feel like I need to get out and take pictures almost every day, in case I miss something!

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  1. An explosion of blooms is a great way to describe this March, Renee. I don't remember a spring that ever arrived so early and stayed this way for so long. Good to see your redbud doing so well. Your quince is gorgeous with all its blooms; I have the same type, I think, but mine needs a severe pruning after its flowering season this year. They can get out of control very easily otherwise.