Wednesday, March 7, 2012

From Snow To Spring, In A Week

Yesterday we had a snow-eater south wind! It was up in the mid-sixties by the afternoon, and the snow is gone, except for some tiny patches hidden in wooded areas. Wandering around, I took a few pictures of spring emerging in the garden.

These are the purple crocus, pushing up through the leaves and mulch.

These two snow drops emerged a month ago, and have been in stasis. They don't seem any worse for the experience.

The yellow crocus, always early to bloom here.

The heather, which has bloomed all winter and simply emerges from the snow looking just as it went in, and the first honey bee I've seen so far.


  1. Hi, Renee! I tried to leave a comment several times before, but could never find the "add a comment" icon...not sure what's going on that I couldn't see it. Anyway, so nice to see your spring bloomers, especially the snowdrops. I can't seem to get them going in my garden. I hope there are even more signs of spring in your garden this week--it's supposed to be in the 70's a few days here this week!

  2. We're supposed to get some 70's this week too! I have been trying to hold back from uncovering things, but with these warm temps they're coming up through their winter cover without any help from me. I hope we don't all regret it!

    I've had a lot of trouble establishing snowdrops too --I planted lots of bulbs in our woods, but lost most of them to either squirrels or moles, I guess. Two remained, and both have since grown into small clumps. Then I planted some closer to the house, and those have been more successful --whatever ate the others seems to leave these alone.

  3. Wow, Renee, I have nothing blooming, yet! Your yellow crocus are such a sight for sore eyes, I cannot wait for mine! I can see the tops, but nowhere near blooms, yet!
    I have never liked white flowers and have steered away from snowdrops because I find the yellow and blue crocus so much more spring like than snowdrops. I'll bet you have a lot blooming now, it was 70 today by me!!