Friday, July 29, 2011


My garden is looking rather colorless!  The daylilies are down to their last few blooms, and the asters and goldenrod won't start for a month.  Rudbeckia is blooming, but the shasta daisy and bee balm are finished.  What do you all have in your gardens that blooms in August (in zone 4 or northern 5)?



  1. August is a tricky month; I've had this same problem for years. I planted my first phlox this year for some late-summer color, but they're already blooming. We'll see if they keep it up for a few more weeks. Annuals are my other solution for continuous color, but mostly I enjoy the foliage in the garden this time of year.

  2. I am with Rose. Although I have the Endless Summer, still going strong and the Anenome robitisima, the only other is the annuals and the joe pye weed and the 7 sons tree!

  3. Thanks! I'd been thinking of planting joe pye weed --I'll have to see if I can get some in this fall. I haven't tried phlox yet either --two things for my list :-)

    I haven't planted annuals in my beds for a while because of the watering issues --my beds are a distance from the spigots, so I either drag the hose out and set up a sprinkler for the whole bed, or I water individually with a watering can. I'm too lazy :-)