Saturday, July 23, 2011


Daylilies are one of my favorite flowers --even drought doesn't seem to affect the flowers.  While almost all of my Asian and Oriental lilies are finished, the daylilies are still giving the garden quite a bit of color.

I rarely remember the names of the daylilies I plant, but the first one in this series of close-ups is "Tuscarilla Tigress" --just stuck with me for some reason.

These next two colors just glow in the garden --they're amazing.

This one has colors similar to the Tigress above, but more of a spider form.

This one is called "Straberry Candy", and was one of my first hybrid daylilies.  It has multiplied slowly (I only bought one corm) but it now makes two beautiful clumps.


  1. I am envious looking at everyone's daylily varieties! I only have one, I guess I never see them in bloom, so I don't think to purchase them!

  2. I get a catalog from Roots and Rhizomes, and they have pages of beautiful daylily photos. I always get a few from them --I can't resist!

  3. Your peach-colored daylilies are so pretty; I always seem to be drawn to this color, even though I've been trying to add more variety. They certainly have done well this year, haven't they? We finally got some rain this morning--it's stayed up your way the last few days. It's so nice to see everything perking up in the garden afterwards--and I'm loving the cooler temperatures!