Saturday, June 18, 2011

New flowers

On Thursday, after picking Emma up from her class, we stopped by a nursery and went nuts.  I wanted to get a few perennials for the other side of the stone steps out front, so we did, plus another heuchera, and a rose.  A fairly big rose.  Luckily Rob was around later to dig the hole for that one.  We got good and dirty planting all of it, and the front is now looking very colorful.  I also did some transplanting --I'd gotten some heuchera that produced tiny green blossoms, so I moved them to one of the shade gardens.  I moved two dianthus and another heuchera with pretty pink flowers (the classic "coral bell") to a more sunny spot, hoping to get more blossoms from them.

In addition to my red Asian lilies, the Kiss-me-Kate lilies have started to open as well.  These are some of my favorite lilies --they just glow the first day they open, then fade a bit after that.