Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June Bloom Day

Happy June Bloom Day!  I think I should have more blooming, but we had a storm that took out the peonies right after they opened, and now we've had some rather cool days and nights.  Here are some things that are blooming:

This is a far shot of the birch bed,  and the ragged peonies are still showing color in the far back.

In the birch bed I have penstemon and two colors of spiderwort blooming.

My first Asian lilies are blooming.  This red lily was given to me by a good friend, and it's very strong.  It might eventually take over the bed.  :-)

In addition to those flowers, I also got my tomatoes caged, and they are blooming too:

And finally, that weed vine, that I'm still so curious about.  It's going strong, and you can see that it does vine, much like a pea plant, as a younger stem vines around an older one in this photo:

And here is either flowers, or the fruit already started --I'm not sure which.

Here's a shot of the growing tip with flowers/fruits:
I'll probably pull the vine pretty soon, just to be on the safe side.  :-)


  1. Oh boy, your tomatoes look great!! I wonder if you don't have a smilax vine, there. It would be a tuber under the soil. Very invasive yucky vine, the fruit turns black and shiny in the fall

  2. Your tomatoes look great--much farther along than mine! I do hope you find out what that vine is; I'd wait to pull it until it blooms, just for curiosity's sake. I had a mystery plant, too, that I was sure was a weed, but left it. I'm so glad I did--it turned out to be a phlox I planted last year and completely forgot about:)

  3. Wondering if you ever found out about the vine? shoot me a message if you havent and I will fill you in on the uses of that beautiful smilax vine.