Friday, March 25, 2016

Working on it . . .

Well, it is a bit embarrassing, but I am going to make public my artistic attempts over the last week.

I really liked the journal page idea in that video I posted, so I started out with that. I used an old book that Rob and I had put out for recycling to tear up pages of text, and just arranged them willy-nilly. The paints she used have really intense colors, and I enjoyed playing around with them.
It's an interesting technique to give the background a bit more depth. After that, I tried out several different pens, to see if I could write or color on top of the paint. It did work, although the surface remained just a bit sticky. I like the look of the black ink with the colors, but I might try to do them in the other order on another page, to see if that works. I'm really more of a pencil-sketch kind of person (editing with an eraser is such a nice feature), and my pen sketches are not outstanding. But I figure this page is really more about seeing how things work. I didn't get the paint on nearly smooth enough either.
I'm going to continue to add things to this page, using different techniques, to see what works.

I also created a little felted picture. Really I just started randomly felting, but eventually it had kind of the look of a landscape, so I moved it in that direction. I used beads to add some details. Felting is interesting --you can leave areas puffy, you can twist the wool to give it a different effect, and you can blend colors. It's also super easy, so it's a bit like painting with the wool.

It's actually kind of terrible looking, really, but it did give me a good feel for how this can work :-)

So, now that I've shared these, everyone can feel perfectly comfortable sharing any of their artistic attempts :-)


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  2. I just wanted to edit my comment but I'll start over.

    I've shared my own artistic attempts over the years, such as they are. Its lovely that you are sharing yours. Love the tree!

  3. Don't be so hard on your self! I think they're wonderful. I especially like the drawing. Very cool. :o)

  4. I like them, especially how the printed words give texture to the images.

  5. I really like the tree on the printed background!

  6. Well, I think they are beautiful works of art and that you have talent. I am fond of trees, and I like the perspective you have drawn there, with the top of the roots, the trunk and a lower branch visible.