Sunday, March 13, 2016

Art Space

As part of our decluttering and cleaning process, I cleaned up my beading space. As a result of having a teenager with friends and no family room, I decided to modify my beading space into a general art space. I've moved most of my art supplies upstairs, and now I can disappear upstairs when the teens take over the house :-)

I've been working on a coloring page in my Secret Garden coloring book (by Johanna Basford), and especially on sunny days, the beading space is a great space for any art project.

I have also been feeling inspired lately to start working on some different projects --I'm particularly drawn to multi-media projects. I was feeling this way already, and then an art blog I follow (Art Jewelry Elements) sent more inspiration my way. And then I watched this YouTube video --I swear, you can learn how to do anything on YouTube.

I have purchased some small art tiles, ordered some felting supplies from Etsy, and am looking into the best kind of glues and backgrounds. I think polymer clay will be a good addition too. Now I'm looking forward to combining many of the things I've learned into a mixed media project. If the things I create aren't too embarrassing, I'll share them in later posts.

What is everyone else creating this spring?


  1. Trouble. Creating trouble.

    I love that page you are coloring and I am just a teeny tiny bit envious of your coloring pencil set. I think I know what to ask for, for my birthday.

    1. I can really see you creating trouble. In fact, given your family dinner conversations, I think it's a trait that runs in your family. :-)

  2. That page you're coloring is already beautiful, and you should absolutely share future projects! I'm very intrigued by the looks of that video, but I can't watch it right now, because to do so would mean turning the sound on on my laptop, and if I turn the sound on, then Derek might realize I'm near and ask me to help with taxes. Instead, I'll watch it later and continue hiding.

  3. Judy is doing some needlepoint. I'm just waiting until I can get going again in the garden.

  4. I haven't had much time for "creating" anything this spring, and I'm not the least bit artistic. But we've been cleaning out my mother's sewing room--she had enough fabric to open her own store! We've donated most of it, but I've taken a little home and am planning some sewing/quilting projects for hot summer days when I don't want to go outside. So far the only thing I've made is a pair of pajama pants for myself:)

  5. Not really a craft-type person, but Judy is working on a needlepoint project.

  6. Wow, that video on mixed media art is amazing! I really look forward to seeing what you create in your new space.
    I enjoyed stretching myself with a new project over the weekend while on a crafting retreat. While I can see the possibilities, I'm not quite ready to unleash that particular monster because it would require a new piece of equipment and the accompanying supplies ($$); however, it was definitely inspiring. In the meantime, I have picked up a simple adult coloring book to take on our spring break road trip and I made a words journal for writing poetry.
    I'm still not back to beading because if I drop any beads it is really, really difficult picking them up. And I haven't touched the sewing machine since I broke my ankle. I did fill an order for photo note cards this weekend, along with simple scrapbooking. The spring weather has definitely helped my attitude and desire to create something new -- and you are adding to it. Thanks, Cassi!