Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Getting Creative

I have had a lot of trouble getting myself to work with beads this fall. I think this fall has just been mentally and emotionally difficult, and I always find it hard to be creative when I feel like things are looming over me. But at the same time, I thought if I could force it, the act of being creative might help relieve some of the stress.

I had meant to make some earrings for my sister, whose birthday was at the end of September. I've finally made a few pairs, and now I just have to get them wrapped and in the mail. Hopefully some time before Thanksgiving :-)

I have a pendant I've been meaning to make into a necklace for the same sister for a while. I tried this, but I'm not happy with it. The cord is too thick to make the knotting work, even though I like the colors. I'll be taking this apart and trying something else.
And finally, I'm trying to figure out what to do with this pendant I bought for myself. I absolutely adore it --I just love that the artist would see lichen in nature and come up with this. This was made by Blueberribeads.

I've also started to just wire wrap some beads --this is one way some jewelry artists have recommended getting over a slump. Eventually you have enough that they come together as a project. I hope to spend more time beading as we move closer to the holidays.


  1. I read that about wire-wrapping last night (perhaps at the same place you did?) but wire-wrapping still sends me into frustration mode. I wish we lived nearby and I could learn it from you.
    Beautiful work, as always, Cassi.

    1. I wish we lived nearby too! For lots of reasons :-)

  2. You know, I'd never think, "Lichen provide such creative inspiration," but I love that pendant! And I hear you on having difficulty creating when times are tough. Even if I know it's beneficial to push through those walls, it's so hard to actually do so.

  3. I just came back and admired those earrings again. All 3 pairs are just beautiful!
    And yes, if we lived closer, there would be wine nights. :)