Sunday, November 8, 2015


As Facebook friends already know, we just adopted three kittens. We had intended to adopt two, however, there happened to be a litter of tabby-point Siamese (which is just another way of saying a tabby-Siamese mix) at the shelter. I grew up with a Siamese cat, and she was just a really wonderful pet, so I'm particularly fond of them. I fell in love with all of them, but since Emma had found a Russian Blue mix, we just chose one of the Siamese and the Russian Blue. We picked them up on Monday, and found that their personalities were just about the opposite of what they'd seemed in the shelter.
Jazmine, the Siamese, had seemed incredibly timid (the whole litter had seemed quite timid), while Grayce, the Russian Blue had been happy to cuddle in Emma's arms. At home, Jaz became the kitten you'd expect of any 2.5 month old, but Grayce was very skittish, mostly trying to hide all the time. Because Grayce was hiding, Jaz didn't have anyone to play with.

I headed to Ann Arbor that Friday morning, and Rob decided to go see if Jazmine's sister was still at the shelter. He was feeling sorry for Jaz, and I encouraged him to adopt the sister. So Cinnamon came home with Rob on Friday to join the collection. Since that time Grayce has warmed up some. She is very friendly with Jaz and Cinnamon, but she is still quite skittish when people walk around. If you can pick her up, she is happy to sit in your lap, but if she's in a room she seems to always be looking around to make sure she's safe. She was brought to the shelter as a stray, but it's hard to imagine what happened in her short life to make her so scared.
In other news, we did finally get a hard enough frost that we have a puddle of gold around the base of a maple tree. It's glorious, even if it's just for a few days.


  1. Puddle of gold... I like that description!
    I grew up with a Siamese and I think that is why I love cats so much. Our Cleopatra was a stray and is still skittish 11 years after adoption. Those sweet kittens... bless you guys for adopting three!

  2. Cute kittens, their white fur is very pretty.