Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring Garden Work

Emma and I have added a couple of perennials to her garden, which we started last summer. She chose scabiosa, and a ground cover with small bluish flowers I don't know the name of. It's always fun to let her choose and just see what happens. All the perennials she chose last year have returned and look healthy.

We also planted some annuals, even though it's early. They've already survived a couple of frosty nights, but luckily they are all near the house so they stay a tad warmer. She chose petunias and snapdragons, along with a cork-screw grass and a daisy. She got to choose where they went, but I had to dig the holes --I need her to become stronger so she can dig the holes.

We've managed to give everything a drink of fertilized water, so we'll just hope they'll all survive.

This late daffodil has just opened.

It's an heirloom, and I really like the color. The top photo isn't a good composition, but you can see the contrast with the yellow daffodils in background. This heirloom has such a soft tannish orange, compared to my bright yellow and orange daffodils.

Last summer I put in two heucherellas  and the leaf colors are just wonderful!

I also really love the spring green tips of this little dwarf spruce that sits at the northwest corner of our house.

Emma has been wanting to make some stepping stones for her garden, so we stopped at the craft store and got a frog mold. We've made simple cement stepping stones before, but this one required a bit more time, as you had to completely dry the frog, then turn it over and decorate an indented area. She worked so hard on it, she doesn't want to step on it anymore :-)

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  1. I do like your heirloom daffodils with their soft hues. I love your heucherellas, too--I'm drawn to the bright chartreuses and rusty/reddish colors as well. But frankly, I've never met a heuchera, tiarella, or heucherella I didn't love:) Last year I found a tiarella with my name, so of course I had to have it.

    Love Emma's frog stone! She did a great job.