Sunday, April 15, 2012

April Garden Blogger Bloom Day

Spring slowed down around here after March, thank goodness. The second wind of daffodils is still around, and the tulips have been amazing. For a long time I didn't plant any tulips, having memories of my mom buying bulbs of single red tulips that turned yellow the second year, and disappeared from the beds quickly. But once I started exploring tulips I realized that there are now lots of tulips that will last, tulips that grow naturally in groups, single tulips that keep their color from year to year, and lots of tiny tulips, I think closer to the species, that spread into a great ground cover. Here are a few of the varieties blooming this April in my yard.

I have these little yellow guys all over now --they spread both by seed and division, and they bloom early. They only open fully when it's sunny, but they make a beautiful spot of sunshine on the ground.

 After the yellow ones fade, these pink and red tulips come up in the same general area. 

I also have some of what I think are the Darwin tulips. They are tall singles with big flowers, and they've returned true to their color for at least three years. I like multi-color groups of them, the way they are on this corner.

This next one is new this year, and I love the mixed orange and yellow color. I have the name of these written down (they're one of the heirlooms I purchased last year) and I'm going to order some more to plant this fall.

This is a group of multi-stem tulips that I planted four or five years ago, and they are still returning, and have multiplied. 

In addition to tulips, there is bleeding heart (with a bumble bee taking a deep drink), Jack Frost brunnera,  and lungwort blooming.

I also have some lovely late daffodils --two groups, one taller than the other, but both with a really deep yellow color and some orange accent.

This is a shade plant that I really love, but I have no idea what it's name is. It was given to me by a friend who spent some time working as a landscape architect. The little yellow flowers are just lovely, and it does well under our Korean spice bush.

The same friend gave me two tiny starts of Virginia Bluebell last summer, and I'm glad to see them back and blooming. I'm hoping to spread these around as they multiply.

Thanks to Carol for hosting the Garden Blogger Bloom Day posts!

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  1. You have some beautiful tulips--you know I am quite a fan of tulips:) The mixed orange one is a beauty, and I love the small species tulips--these are going on my wish list for fall bulb ordering. You're right that some tulips just don't last very long; the Darwins, though, are usually pretty long-lived. Great photo of the bee on the bleeding heart!