Sunday, February 5, 2012

Working outside . . .

In early February! Yesterday I couldn't resist --in 42 balmy degrees, with a fleece and light gloves, I headed out to cut down the old stalks of the asters near the front porch. Then I sat on the garden bench for a while, while Emma started planning the spring's fairy houses.

And, the snowdrops near the house are already up. Silly flowers, they're going to regret that!


  1. Oh, gosh, I think something is wrong with the formatting of your blog! I tried and tried to enter thru the home page, but I continued to get an orange gear symbol!
    I don't have snowdrops, but the neighbor's daffs are up about 3".
    Surely this cannot be all there is?? Surely there will be a winter??

  2. I didn't do any garden work on Sunday, but the weather sure tempted me, too. I did discover, though, that I had daffodils coming up and some crocuses blooming! This is the earliest for either in my memory. I'm like Sissy--where is winter?? I hope Mother Nature isn't playing tricks on us and decide to zap us with some real winter weather just as the garden wakes up.