Sunday, February 19, 2012

Some Garden Clean Up

This afternoon was in the very low 40's. Emma and I spent some time outside. She is still planning more fairy gardens, and collecting cool sticks and moss. I was able to clean up some more areas, cutting down the old perennial stems from the birch bed. I try to limit my cleaning up in early spring, since I don't want to remove the old leaves that might be protecting new shoots and spring bulbs. Doing it slowly is easier on my back and hip too.

There are two snowdrop buds up. Given that one has been up for weeks, I wonder if it will ever actually open. The scilla are also showing tips near the house, where it's warmer. I was surprised to see daffodil and crocus tips in gardens that are farther away from the house, and a climbing rose that never blooms but also never dies has leafed out in two places! That's a couple of weeks ahead of last spring, from what I can tell in last years blog entries.

I'm almost more surprised about signs of spring this year because I keep expecting winter to actually happen.

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  1. I haven't done any cleanup for spring at all yet, because of that very same feeling--I keep waiting for a blizzard to hit us! I noticed another crocus blooming here this weekend, but I hope the rest of the bulbs wait awhile in case the temperature really falls. Looking forward to seeing Emma's fairy garden!