Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November 15th GBBD

Emma officially turned 11 years old today. I think it was a bit anti-climatic, since her party was Saturday and she got her gift from us on Sunday (an iPod Touch). So, about nine more years, and I'm free, huh?  :-)

I did get the final bulbs in today. We've actually had awfully nice weather for mid-November, but I expect winter will kick in any day.

The only blossoms I have in my garden right now are this heather plant. I have four heather plants, and three of them bloomed this spring. I'm pretty sure this was one that bloomed already, so I guess it's just enjoying the rather warm fall weather.

The annuals have all succumbed to the frost, and the garden is ready for winter and the seeds of the perennials are just waiting for the black-eyed juncos and chickadees.


  1. A belated Happy Birthday to Emma! I hate to burst your bubble, though: a mother is never really "free," which I write as my 25-year-old sleeps in her bedroom nearby:) But, yes, responsibilities lessen as the years go on.

    Congrats on finishing your bulb planting; I finished mine up Sunday, too. It will be exciting to see what comes up next spring.

  2. Happy Birthday, Emma! Wow, 11 years old, such exciting times coming for you two! Challenging and growing together, I loved the middle school years so much.
    I've never grown heather, yours is lovely!