Thursday, November 3, 2011


Well, I've been planting bulbs. In addition to the heirloom bulbs, I've planted most of these:
The only ones I haven't gotten in the ground are the large allium christophii. The weather is getting colder and wetter, and my next two weekends are booked and busy. I sure hope I can find a decent day to dig a hole and throw them in it. Honestly, I'm not even sure where I want to put them. Life is too busy this year.


  1. You're going to enjoy those alliums--the big ones really are eye-catching. I still have about 30-35 bulbs I didn't get planted before I left for AZ. I sure hope we have at least one decent day soon when it isn't raining that I can get them planted. At least we don't have snow yet--I'm definitely not ready for that!

  2. If your life is anything like mine, you won't have another spare second until she graduates! That's the great news about bulbs. If and when you do get them in, they don't need you a single second for the next coupla years!

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