Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yesterday I had three Liatris delivered --bare root-- and got them in the ground today. I really don't like getting bare-root plants, as I've had some very bad luck with them actually growing. We'll see if these make it.

I was going to mow today --the grass and dandelions are really getting out of hand, but the mower wouldn't start. It's battery needs a little push, I think. Rob is going to see if he can pick up a battery charger tomorrow, since this seems to happen each spring.

The garlic mustard is getting out of hand too. Emma and I pulled a big patch of it a few days ago, but I need to get some Round-up on that patch, because I'm sure we missed some roots (it was hard to get to, in the woods) and even the tiniest bit will grow back again, flower, and leave 500 seeds in its wake. Most of our property we can't protect, but the woods near the garden we try to keep clear, so that we don't have to fight it in the garden itself.

Life has been a bit busy for enjoying the gardens the last week or so. I bought some basil and a few annuals about a week ago, but they're still sitting in their box on the porch because there hasn't been time to do anything with them. The tulips are done, which is the end of the spring bulbs; the bleeding heart and grape hyacinth are beautiful right now. Usually the next thing to bloom is the iris, but not till the middle of May. The Korean Spice Bush by the office window has it's three heavenly-smelling blossoms, but the Service Berry tree didn't bloom much this year.

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