Friday, April 2, 2010

I was going to write more yesterday, but that's what happens when Emma is on spring break.

Today we've had some clouds and quite a strong consistent wind, so it hasn't felt as hot outside. I actually watered the peonies on the west side --that ground is so yucky, and they just looked parched. I also added more mulch to places in the birch bed --I think I've almost re-mulched the whole thing. Even the hosta are coming up there, because of these hot days. I managed to dig up a few of the squill from the corner and transplant them: near the crocus and allium in the northwest bed, by the birch trees, and just behind the corner of the fence by the swing bench.

I don't understand why, but both the redbud and pussy willow we planted last year appear to be dead. The pussy willow is likely from the rabbit damage over the winter, but I don't understand why the redbud died. I want to replace the pussy willow (and then protect it over the winter) but I'm wondering if we should try some other ornamental tree in the spot where the redbud is.

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