Thursday, June 4, 2009

Over the last two days, Rob has finished the stone steps up to the north porch.  It looks wonderful, with the old limestone lintels as steps.  He's also created the stone wall on the west side to match the one he built last year on the east side.  Creating the steps excavated quite a bit of dirt, so we just need a few more bags back by the bleeding heart to fill in the bed.

Today he had playground mulch delivered, and he's back there now, spreading it out on Emma's playground. 

I did a little watering, including the two new pines by the drive.  They were drooping, so I guess I need to water them a bit more often.  They have a lot of new growth to support right now.  I will try to remember to water them again tomorrow, and then we might get some rain this weekend.  I also watered the red bud and pussy willow trees, and need to remember to give them lots of water as well --I'd especially like to water the redbud deeply, to encourage deep roots so it will survive the winters.  I'll need to leave the hose there for a while to really let it get thoroughly watered.  

My lupines are blooming --white!  I've sent an email to Lisa, to see if she can think of what I  might be doing wrong with them.  They just don't look lush and healthy.  I should try to top them with compost and more mulch.  Maybe the bed is just too sandy.

The rose is amazing this year --I've never seen it with so many blossoms at once.

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