Sunday, March 15, 2009

A new year

Planting, spring 2009

Purchased plants:
Goldenrod – three plants, try one in walnut bed.
Spiderwort –this one has blue flowers, but almost yellow leaves.
Tomatoes –see below for types.

Purchased seeds:
Cardinal climber –for the fence. Could be the one behind the daylilies, since it says this will grow/flower in partial shade. Otherwise, the one that blocks the street.

March 5, 2009

We are having our first really warm day today. It’s hard not to go outside and look for green tips, but since it’s the first warm day, they are unlikely. Still . . .

It’s very windy, and I had to pick up all the recyclables and put them back in their can.

Well, I’m back in from outside, and sure enough the lilies are showing their tips. The yellow tulips between the birch trees are also showing the merest tip. The ground is still plenty frozen, however, below an inch or so.

I just ordered some daylilies and another purple coneflower from Roots & Rhizomes. The daylilies (3 of each, one yellow, one orange) are to go behind the sedum right next to the garden bench. I’ve got some bearded iris in there now, which aren’t doing well, so I’ll take them out. I’ve had trouble growing anything in the back part of that bed –even the bee balm died out. But daylilies are tough, so they’ll probably do okay back there.

The purple coneflower is to go where the pussy willow tree failed.

March 8, 2009

Well, today is definitely not a warm day –37F at noon. Lots of rain! Lots yesterday too. The backyard is a pond (because the ground is still frozen) and the water we drained off the pool Friday has all be replace ☺

Still, at least it’s rain.

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