Sunday, March 15, 2009

Early Cleaning

It's 55 degrees this afternoon. Rob and Chris inspected the hives (Chris lost one over the winter, so there are only two at the moment), and I began to do some bed cleaning. I don't want to do too much yet, I know it's still early. It's very tempting, though. I got about half of the pile of leaves into the new bed on the northeast corner, and I got the tomato beds cleaned up. I cleaned a bit where the crocus are starting to peek up, but I was careful not to really uncover them. Reading last years posts makes me realize how early it still is. I also managed to prune the flowering quince, so it's a bit thinned out.

The average snow for March is 5 inches --we've had none so far. I'm sure some will sneak in during the second half of the month. I have a lot more energy than last summer, and I'm grateful. We're supposed to be in the fifties until Weds, and then go back to typical March 40's.

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