Monday, July 11, 2016

An Ode to the Daylily

I have been buying daylily hybrids since I started gardening. I think I probably received a Roots and Rhizomes catalog in the mail, and bought several page collections. I'm terrible at remembering the names, but they thrive in my sandy soil, and add so much color in July.

I have quite a few yellows.
This tiny yellow came from a friend.
I have some fabulous orange to reds. The two photos below are of the same lily, and they look more orange in real life. These attract Baltimore orioles to the garden.

This one is more red, but sometimes the flowers get kind of spotty. This is a rare nice-looking bloom.
This is the most red lily I have, with a lovely green eye.
Same lily as above.

Then there are the peaches, some of my favorites.
I have one creamy white as well.

Back to orange again --a spider variety, and my very favorite because it adds the most amazing color to the garden.

One of my first daylilies, and really the only one I remember the name of, is a pink called Strawberry Candy. But I don't have any blooming this year because I had to move and divide the enormous clump it had become. I now have 8 divisions in various places, small but thriving.


  1. You've got some beauties! You might like a variety called 'Eye-yi-yi', which is orange with a dramatic dark red eye. I have a mix of red, orange, and yellow daylilies.

    1. I looked up some images, and you're right --I've put it on my list to order for next spring.

  2. Oh, you do have some beautiful Daylilies, Cassi! I have one similar to that red one. Mine didn't seem as healthy this year, for some reason. But most years, they're a highlight of the July garden.

  3. A gorgeous collection of daylilies! It's easy to become addicted to these, isn't it? I keep buying more each year, although if I ever get around to dividing some of them as I intended, I could fill up a new flowerbed with just the divisions:) I love the peachy ones, too, but the darker orange and red ones certainly are striking accents.

  4. Just beautiful! I think the peach is my favorite, or maybe the red? Or the creamy white? No, definitely peach. I think.

  5. Love the dramatic colors of your favorite daylily!
    So is sandy soil the best for them? If so, I need to plant some in a currently bare spot in our backyard -- as long as they can also withstand a lot of sunshine. What do you think?

  6. I have loads of daylilies, too, and can never keep track of their names. Yours are beauties!

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