Saturday, May 19, 2012

New Plant Adventures

Last fall I added two new irises. One, called Alaskan Seas, looked like this in the catalog picture:
And like this in my garden:
I'm not at all unhappy with the way this iris turned out, but the difference in color is interesting.

Another new iris, called Ziggy, looked like this in the catalog:
Unfortunately, although it reappeared with three fans of leaves, it has not bloomed and doesn't appear to have any buds.

Another new plant last fall, the rose Chihuly, has two buds. I'm excited about this because I have not had a lot of luck with roses, and this one has come back strong.

The bulbs I planted last fall have all done well, and there are two in particular that I will be adding more of: a large, starry alium (Christophi), and this orange heirloom tulip Generaal De Wet, 1904,:


  1. It is amazing how different the colors can be...
    I have so enjoyed getting to know you and your gardens. Your Iris are lovely.

  2. I love the blue pictured in the catalog! But I've found what catalogs say is a blue bloomer rarely is; your purple blooms look lovely anyway with their variation of hues. I'm trying to figure out what happened to my irises this year--I had very few blooms at all, though lots of fans. I'd love to see your new rose--anything named Chihuly must be beautiful!

  3. I think my lilies have been hit pretty hard by that warm March and freezing April nights. Since you're south of me, I wonder if your iris were just in the right stage to ruin the budding?

  4. Beautiful! I love Irises, and the same thing happened to me, as Rose describes. I figured it was a problem of crowding and that I need to divide my Irises, but maybe it's the weather, too. Thanks for sharing your beautiful blooms!