Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall Blooms

This spring, we were the recipients of several pots of asters, the result of thinning by a friend. These are more pink than the asters I already had in the garden, and they're looking beautiful right now.

My other asters are a little slower. They still look like this:

Next to these darker purple asters, I have some goldenrod, which is also just opening.
It's a very lacy goldenrod.

This is a dry well my husband made off the front porch, to take water from a gutter. I love the way this looks, and it works really well. This summer we added some rounded beach rocks from the Lost Coast of California, where we vacationed.  It's surrounded by hostas that are beginning to bloom.

I have a few plants that arrived recently to still put in the ground --some ground cover sedum, some orange yarrow, and a catmint.  It had been very dry, but we got a good soaking rain today, so the ground should be good for planting over the next few days.  There are also a few things I'd like to divide --hopefully I'll get to them before it gets cold.


  1. I love your dry well, especially with the hostas around it. It looks like a design element, not something that actually has a useful purpose. Your asters really are standing tall--the pink ones have such a nice shape. I have a few pink ones this year, too, which is interesting because all the parents are purple:)

  2. Those are some really tall asters!! I have zero asters. I had one that appeared on its own, but it was shaded out by the awful dogwood and finally gave up. I pulled the dogwood and threw it away. Not good neighbors, dogwood!!!