Sunday, March 28, 2010

Emma and I did a bit more clean-up yesterday. I was surprised to see the hostas in the northwest corner already poking significantly up. The daylilies and iris are also really greening and growing. The yellow crocus are pretty much done, but the purple are beautiful right now. The squill are really filling in now too.

Today I got the rest of the iris out of the east bed, and with Emma's help I added some compost and a new layer of mulch. I'll have a couple of empty spots there --maybe I can pick up something like coral bells for those at the nursery. I also got the pasture bed cleaned up and Rob and Emma cleaned and filled the birdbaths.

After the squill is finished blooming, I'd like to dig up some from the southeast corner and get them moved to the woods, in preparation for filling that corner in with dirt and making a real garden out of it. It appears that Rob's application of Round-up late last fall has taken out the iris and hostas, so we can just fill it in.

I still need to clean up the strawberry/brown-eyed-susan bed.

It was a beautiful afternoon.

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