Monday, May 25, 2009

Mowed again today, since it's supposed to rain tonight . . . and tomorrow . . . and Wednesday.  Still, things are pretty dry for spring, so it will be good to get some rain.  The garden is looking so pretty --by the birch trees it's mostly green but it still looks great.  Two rose blossoms opened to day, they smell wonderful.  The baptisia is just beginning to color up, although it's not a very bright blue, and the garlic chives are really bushy and flowery.  The purple iris have been blooming for a few days, and now the yellow and orange ones are starting to open.  I've staked the tallest ones, hoping the rain will leave most of them standing up.  I also staked the delphinium that has the most flower stalks, by using two bamboo stakes and wrapping it with twine.  

It's a nice cool day today (I had to wear my jacket while mowing), and Rob and Emma have removed a lot of things from the garage in order to clean it.  The deadline is the rain tonight :-)

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