Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yesterday I bought potting soil and annuals for the two containers by the mudroom door.  I didn't put any petunias in there this time, and I put a mix of colors in each.  I hope they do better this year than they did last.  I also stopped by Lisa's house to pick up two peonies she dug up for me, and while I was there she also dug some iris and some virginia bluebells.  The bluebells are just tiny starts, not blooming this year.  I've put them in the east bed near the new spiderwort.  Hopefully they'll spread there and I can transfer some to the woods eventually.  

I got the peonies planted on the west side of the house, not too close to the heat pump, and the iris I planted near the windmill, to see what they're like.  Last night it started to rain, and we've had a nice rain all morning --gentle, just right for watering all the transplants in.

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