Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Feels like spring

I just put in 4 new perennials (3 red cardinal flower, next to the fence and bench), so lets hope we don't have any more nights in the teens!

We have bluebirds back in the yard, and the goldfinches are bright yellow again. Things are still behind a bit --the daffodils and tulips are up but not blooming; all I have are crocus's, blue squill, and glory of the snow. And the two snowdrops the squirrels haven't eaten. I'm always a bit disappointed in the spring if I didn't plant any new bulbs in the fall, so this spring I'm a bit disappointed :-) They say it might be 70 degrees tomorrow. The river has completely sprung it's banks --right now you can only tell where the river bed is supposed to be by the tree lines. All the fields surrounding the river are completely under water. It's kind of cool.

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